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How To Create The Perfect Goal

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How to create the perfect goal

At the start of the new year everyone is talking about the different new year resolutions that they are creating for themselves. We get so excited about what we might change or improve in our life in the up and coming year. Something about the tick of the annual clock that inspires us but statistically most of us wont achieve the goals that we have made.

In fact only 9% of people who create new years resolutions reach their goals, and almost half of us wont even make it to February! WOW!

Don’t be too quick to beat yourself up for not being great at keeping that seemingly simple goal or promise. Its actually the goals FAULT! Blame it!

Turns out we are failing right from the start. Goals like “I’m going to loose weight”, “I’m going to travel more”, “I’m going to make more money” sound like good goals and even ones that could be accomplished but they are missing some very important pieces.

1) A Goal needs to be measurable, realistic but mixed with a little boldness!

You have to includes more specifics. How much weight? 25 lbs and my BMI of 21! Travel where? Thailand! How much more could you get your salary to? A 25% increase in my annual income!

If your goals don’t have a specific target how do you know where to shoot?

2) They need to have a deadlines!

There are lots of different ideas out there about how to set the proper deadline for a goal. Lets be real, some of your goals might take a little bit of time especially if you have made them a bit more challenging. But the farther out your deadline is the harder it will be to keep your goals.

So in this step you might want to create mini goals that get you to your main goal. That way you can create deadlines for each month or ideally each week!

Loosing 3-4lbs each month. Saving $200 each month for my perfect Thailand getaway.

3) Tracking your progress and keeping yourself accountable.

This sounds so LAME I know, but it’s so important. And it is possible to make it way more fun than it sounds- with positive reinforcement! Reword yourself along the way. Find a creative way to give yourself and encouraging boost every week or month in order to keep pushing forward.

Another approach could be to find someone who can help keep you accountable or even better find someone who will join in the fun and help create some friendly competition! Competition is a great tool to push yourself to do thing you never thought you could.


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