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Some of our favorite Ikea finds for business

There seems to be this idea that because something comes from Ikea that it somehow doesn’t measure up! I know that it is awesome to have pieces that are unique and bring that design flare that makes your space pop. I love a good hand made table or a one of a kind lighting fixture. But not everyone can afford to spend high end prices for everything that is need to start your business. There are a lot of great places to get inexpensive furniture but we would love to share with you some of the products that we think are great finds at the one and only Ikea! 


This is the best app for creating beautiful graphics with your photos. If want to add stylish text or a logo this app is perfect for that. They also have great template layouts for posting multiple photos at once. This is a great effect for your instagram stories if you are trying to show multiple photos without creating a million little dashes that could end up getting passed over. Also if the idea of creating your own graphic is a little overwhelming for you, they have templates for that as well. Lots of great looking concepts that you can add your own personalized text.

These wires framed lights BRUNSTA are super modern look amazing! They could be easily spray painted whatever color you would want!

We love the industrial feel of the HEKTAR lights. They come in two different sizes and can be used in so many different formats!

We can't help but mentions the SINNERLIG. This light is so bold and elegant and fits perfectly into that BoHo look!


These are just a few of the beautiful rug options that you can find! They have the best prices for cow hides by far and they have hairless hides as well which have a very light finish.


The whole LACK series is a great options if you are looking for that floating shelve concept.

The GRANHULT is one of the best looking shelve brackets out there, and the best part is that you can use whatever wood that fits your style. Painting the brackets also gives it that unique color pop!

Office Furniture

The best part about Ikea desks is they h

ave multiple color and texture options and also a whole slew of leg options to go with it. On of our favorite option is the one shown above. White desk top with the FINNVARD table legs! It has a real architectural and industrial look! Also did you catch the desk lamps? They are the RANARP work light. Also a great find!

These are just a few of the product that we think are awesome finds and would be great additions in any business or workplace! I think if you do some digging and keep and open mind you will see that there are even more discoveries at your local Ikea! We didn't even touch on all the mind blowing Ikea hacks that are out there!!

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