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girl making chai latte

In this blog we’re going to learn how to create a café quality chai latte that won’t disappoint. Latte’s are just what we need sometimes, unfortunately we don’t all have an expensive espresso machine around the house; fortunately, you don’t actually need one.

Things to note: Chai typically has less caffeine; lots of flavor; a bit of extra effort. Ingredients:

  • 2 oz of chai – Maya Chai Mix

  • 11 oz of milk

  • Equipment:

  • French Press – Veken French Press Coffee Maker

  • Steaming Pitcher – Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher

  • Mug

  • Microwave/Stovetop – thermometer

How to brew:

  1. Prep mug with 2 oz of chai.

  2. Fill a steaming pitcher of milk or milk alternative to 11 oz and heat on stove to roughly 150F OR heat 11 oz glass of chosen milk in microwave to same temp and then pour into steaming pitcher.

  3. Transfer milk from steaming pitcher into French Press.

  4. Use French Press to aerate your milk by gently frothing The milk up and down with the plunger.

  5. Transfer milk back into steaming pitcher.

  6. Swirl and knock steaming pitcher a bit to eliminate bubbles in your milk – texture should resemble wet paint.

  7. Pour into your chai and enjoy!

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