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We will provide you with the knowledge necessary to brew up a V60 that’ll make your spouse envious. A V60 brewer is a very simple device that al-lows you to make yourself an amazing cup with minimal investment. Things to note – a V60 is great for a single serving at a time; very low maintenance; do not reuse filters. Link to the brewer and its respective filters below. Links to every-thing else mentioned in our “Intro to Home Brew” blog.


  • 100 grams of very course ground coffee

  • 100 grams of almost boiling water

  • 500 grams of cold filtered water

This recipe uses a 1:6 coffee to water ratio.


  • A V60

  • V60 specific filters

  • Great water (read our intro to home brew blog)

  • Great coffee (again, read that intro!)

  • Gooseneck kettle (please, the intro blog)

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Vessel to pour into

  • Mug

  • Optional: stir spoon

How to brew:

  1. Heat a kettle full of water to 210°F or 99°C

  2. Weight out and grind 18-22g of beans – medium grind

  3. Place V60 on top of preferred vessel

  4. Fold over and heavily crease the jagged edge of the filter and pinch open at the bottom

  5. Place filter in the V60 and rinse thoroughly with hot water – this will heat your vessel, remove paper taste from the filter, and seat the filter firmly in the brewer

  6. Dump out your rinse water – seriously don’t forget this

  7. Pour coffee grinds into the middle of the wet filter and give it a few taps to even out the surface but be gentle

  8. Place entire setup onto scale and tare it (zero it out)

  9. Begin timer – we’re shooting for roughly 3 minutes brew time, meaning we want our brew to finish as close to t

he 3 minute mark as possible

  1. The bloom – this is the de-gassing phase – start your pour by wetting all of the grinds with roughly 60g of water – give it a gentle swirl and let the coffee bubble up for roughly 30 seconds

  2. The meat of the brew – pour in concentric circles or whatever method allows you to continually and evenly soak all of the coffee – bring weight up to 270g roughly

  3. Let coffee brew for a second or two and observe your timing (this will allow you to make potential fine-tuned adjustments to the grind size for later brews)

  4. Pour one ring around the edge of the filter breaking off the grinds clinging to the side of the filter – don’t spend too much time pouring directly onto the filter though

  5. Finish the pour off anywhere from 315-330g based on preference (324g is enough to fill most generic mugs)

  6. Now either gently stir with a spoon or swirl the brew to even out the coffee bed to allow the water to evenly extract through its finish – #flatbed

  7. Pour brew into your favorite mug and enjoy!

  8. Optional: Clean up after yourself

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